Sunday, December 19, 2010

Family Christmas

All over town, extended families are gathering for Christmas celebrations.  Christmas falling on a weekend challenges out-of-town families to use this weekend for travel.  We're no different.  Today is family celebration #1. Out-of-state relatives are gathering at noon.  So that pushed me to get some baking done and a big pot of cheesy vegetable soup ready to travel. 

The good news:  no packages to wrap or gift shopping to do.  Just a gathering including three little great nephews, college kids who have survived finals, and the West Point nephew.  I'm taking Dad some hummus for his Christmas gift.  (Last of the big spenders, I know.) 

We'll miss the California kids, the cousins gathering in the big city, and snow.  Yeah, I guess you can't have everything. 


Mary said...

I can't think of a better way to celebrate Christmas, and without the pressure of buying gifts!
CH went to USMA, as did a nephew. Quality education while serving our nation! Thank him for me!

Anonymous said...

Well.....I reckon` they are talking about us right now at the Cousins gathering!!! Enjoy your day at the farm! Give my "Uncle Howie" AND my "Main Squeeze" kisses from me!! Love you!