Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OK...It Wasn't All Bad

Today is the last day in Trailer High.  For all the hassles, there have been some great times that I wouldn't have missed.

*Playing laser tag with the students and teacher in the classroom one trailer over was great fun.  With careful aiming through the blind slats, I could laser her or one of her kids.  I always liked to imagine them hunting for the source of that little red beam of light!

*The first day in the trailers, I had a boy go into the bathroom and spray fart spray.  His classmates said he had been doing it all day in every trailer.  First of all, who would manufacture fart spray to begin with? Secondly, who would buy it? And finally, what in the world was I going to do with it once I had confiscated it?  I always like to imagine that the principal took it home and used it to horrify his wife.  On day number two??  I took the laser pointer from that same kid. I kept that contraband. Some things are too much fun to return.

*We had some deck decorating wars:  Scarecrows and pumpkins for fall.  Christmas greenery, wreaths, and red bows for Christmas.  (I ordered up the snow, too.)  And then my laser tag partner had to go all crazy and have a whole fall harvest display.  She had to prove she could do it better.  And those Ag teachers know where to get hay bales, corn stalks, and jars of harvested grains. 

*Animals joined us on occasion:  a snapping turtle from the river, mice in several classrooms, cats, stray dogs, and a skunk that found its way into an open trash can.  Kids were great help.  The turtle became the star of a music video for the HS news team.  They tried to rescue the baby kittens and stray dogs.  The mice were finally hunted down thanks to brave students.  The skunk is another story.  The principal finally had to stand guard to keep curious students away from the skunk.  It was only a matter of time until some clown got sprayed.

*Decorating the bathrooms was a new treat.  I had a "5 star" bathroom according to one sophomore. I think the corner shelf was the major selling point. Another teacher provided reading material in her's.  *sigh*

*The fuse box that I decorated caused some concern.  I mean, seriously??  I put border around it so the gray box "looked" (and I use that term loosely) like a mirror. I added the words, "Who's the fairest of them all?"  Like the Fire Marshal couldn't figure out it was still a fuse box?  !!

*I was "lucky" enough to have the massive beast of overkill that was my computer hub.  A six foot iron frame attached to the floor for all of the oh, 14 or so Internet and computer wires attached to it.  I wanted to hang coats off of it.  (I didn't figure that would go over well either.) I had more extension cords plugged in under my table than "the beast" had on it.  And yes, the Fire Marshal did notice those and was none too happy!

*We opened "kitchen" cabinets in the office to find magic markers, staples and other supplies.  And there were files stored in the bathtub in the bathroom, too.

*ISS was often held in the bathroom of the master bedroom that was our Principal's office.  Obviously, that bathroom wasn't used.  It sure took the fun out of In-School Suspension. ("Just behave yourself, so you don't have to spend the day in the bathroom!")

*Speaking of bathrooms, our journalism students used a bathroom for their broadcast booth.  A little strange, but they didn't show the sink or toilet on newscasts.  A mirror was always handy to check their hair.  And they used a lamp so the bathroom fan wouldn't run.  Good times.

*The sick "room" was in the space in our office house where the stairs should have gone to the basement. Sick students went in feet first.  It reminded me of having an MRI.  A little claustrophobic--and we couldn't have but one sick student at a time.  You had to really be sick to want to lay on that cot.

*One day I sent a "blurter" to the deck in a light mist.  (Blurters are kids who refuse to raise their hands but just blurt out answers during reviews. My word.  I can make up the definition, too.)  When his friend started blurting so he could go to the deck, too; I sent him into the bathroom (*sigh* I was desperate!)--where he continued to blurt through the closed door. ("These are the times that try men's souls.")

*"See me on the deck!" meant that a kid was in serious trouble.  I thought "See me in the bathroom" was a tad inappropriate. 

Yeah, it wasn't all bad...we could still laugh.  We had to laugh.  We had bathrooms in our classrooms, bathrooms as storage, bathrooms that functioned as all purpose rooms.  And sometimes we had to laugh, so we wouldn't cry.

And today is the last day of Trailer High!  I wonder what fun the new school will bring?? Stay tuned.


Mary said...

I was really chuckling at some of those. Who knew the correct term was "blurter"? Hopefully doors and entryways will still be decorated! Hope you have a great day!

Anonymous said...

We call them "Mert" as in Mert the Blurt!!! Can't wait to see photos of your new classroom!
Love you.....Ree

Dandy said...

Seriously, you make me want to go to your high school!

margie said...

what a wonderful new year it will be for the school, you and your students. enjoy the holidays.