Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Happening Wednesday

Five school days left in Trailer High. 

Packing boxes yesterday, I cut my finger a bit.  It wasn't much, but I bled all over my clothes and desk before I even knew I had done anything.  I guess that aspirin a day is working.

We interviewed for a new city librarian last night.  I think we are ready to hire.

Tonight is my service sorority Christmas party.  My contribution?  That sweet little Christmas drink called a poinsettia:  half cranberry juice and half champagne.  The cheaper the champagne the better!

We finished Julius Caesar yesterday. The big test is tomorrow.  I'm hoping for some great test scores.  On the quizzes over the first three acts, 75% of them had an A or a B.  Hope they do as well on the unit test. 

My finals are written.  I just need to proofread and copy them.  Study guides for finals are ready to go, too.

My half of the trailer is starting to look like a disaster area.  Boxes are lining the walls.  There isn't room to move around, but I'd like to have things ready to go for my "movers" on January 5th.  Four sophomore boys volunteered to help me unload the trailer into my new classroom.  (Promise high school boys pizza, and they'll do darn near anything!) 

I think I am touring the new school one last time after school today.  The teacher advisory meeting may take a brief tour.  I'll take the camera!!

Happy Wednesday! 


Mary said...

I'm going to have to try the Poinsettia...sounds good!
Oh, and brownies work just as well with teenage boys! :D

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Hmm...wonder if I have champagne stuck up on my liquor shelf? I *always* have cranberry juice!