Friday, January 7, 2011

A Few New Loves And...

The moving into my room is going.  Slowly.  I still haven't taken pictures, but maybe by the weekend.  (I really should have my lessons ready to go for Monday.)  I will share pictures as soon as I get the chance. 

The Mr.'s mom is going to a nursing home today.  A good friend's mother died, so there is a funeral to attend this weekend.  There is so much on my mind, that I decided to blog about something incredibly trivial.  It's Friday.  What do you expect??  Here goes:

I have never been a hummus lover.  In fact, I've had some really bad hummus and hesitated to ever try it again.  Then this past Thanksgiving the Mr.'s cousins served Sabra's roasted garlic hummus for an appetizer.  It was wonderful, but oh... the bad breath!!! 

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I found that same brand of hummus in a sun dried tomato style.  It is delicious, and my breath doesn't kill my family, friends, or students!  I seem to be the only one on Easy Street obsessed with Sabra's hummus.  L, K, and the Mr. say there is just something about the texture of hummus that they don't really appreciate. (Mashed up garbanzo beans?  Expecting cool whip??!)  I end up eating the whole container myself.  (Any wonder I am running in 7 degree temperatures?!!)
Actually, hummus is fairly healthy. You've got to try it!  I may be brave enough to make it myself one of these days.  It is great with veggies, chips, or crackers.  And speaking of crackers, I found the combination of Sabra's hummus and these crackers unbeatable!
I don't know how long these Wheat Thin Stix have been on the market, but they have been a hit this season around here.  There are several different flavors, and they were great with dips and cheese spreads. Oh and with that hummus...!  Yum!

On another note, this has been driving me crazy!
My dentist gave me a "free" sample of Crest Pro Health after my last appointment.  (I was pretty sure I had paid for that and the sample floss when I saw my bill!)  I love the toothpaste, but can't stand the packaging.  It is wasteful, hard to manage, and a complete pain.  The cap won't close tightly over the tube once you have used it.  You can't roll the tube; it just isn't pliable enough.  Silly me!  I thought that my first tube was defective and was stupid enough to buy it again.  No more.  I'll be searching for a different toothpaste as soon as this tube is done-- or sooner if I get really irritated!

So there's the latest product review on Easy Street.  Anything new you love?  Or love to hate?  Do share! Meantime, I'll be agonizing over where to hang posters, what to put on my bulletin board, and where to store all the trappings of teaching.  And if I finish before noon, I'll spend my afternoon taking some pictures!


Dandy said...

I love hummus! You wouldn't happen to have a breast pump product review? I'm in the market for a new one. :)

Shannon said...

I was brave and tried hummus and honestly I really liked it - going down. I got the stomach flu that night though and did not like it so much coming back up. I am a little scared to try it again, but will maybe look for this brand. Sounds good!

Mary said...

Wheat thin stix? How come there haven't been any commercials about this???
We use the crest toothpaste that doesn't come in a tube. It's a lot less messy.