Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lazy Winter Weekends

What is there to do on these Lazy Winter Weekends?

*Sleep in.  (I have been running on a lack of sleep.  The dark circles are now almost to lip level.)
*Clean house.  Not so much fun, but there is time.
*Finish a book.  Much more my style.
*Rearrange the china cabinet.  Mom E.'s curio cabinet now resides at my house.  I need to decide what to put in it.
*Grade papers.  It makes me feel like a student (albeit a panicked one!) if I leave that until Sunday evening.
*Laundry.  Do I really need clean underwear? 
*Catch up on blog world. 
*Run down to school and organize for next week.  (I love Monday mornings when I've already done this.)
*Take Baxter for a walking jog. 

I've caught the Mr.'s cold, and he is working all weekend.  (Lucky for him--he can't hear me muttering under my breath about him and his darn cold.)  Care to guess which things on my list I feel up for? I think the bed is calling my name.


Pastor Sharon said...

I hope you slept in! A cold is a miserable partner to share space with. Sleep is best.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Girl, I am laughing out loud about your dark circles. I am so stealing that one! There are lots of lovely things about having alabaster skin - having to hide the circles under my eyes is not one of them.