Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Mailman Delivers

I rarely get the mail at our house; the Mr. gets it on his lunch break.  He brings in a lot of bills.  I got the mail yesterday, and yippee skippy--I should do it more often. 

Look what was waiting in the mailbox when I picked up the mail!
Yes indeed!!  There was a package for Baxter from Rusty, Sophie and Opie, all dogs of my crazy cousin Ree!  Baxter and I were so excited to open it.
Who knew we could be so spoiled?  There was a lovely letter from the pooches, too! 
Baxter's loot was a Kong and a Kong treat; a favorite of Rusty, Sophie, and Opie.  (They've obviously been reading my blog and knew Mr. B is hard on toys!)  But they sent something for the humans in our house, too:
There were two peanut butter scoops (a scoop of peanut butter dipped in caramel, rolled in peanuts and then dipped in chocolate!); only one is picture here.  (I'm not sure why that is! Wink, wink!) Then there was some pumpkin fudge from the last batch of the season in Ree's local candy store,  and...a big bag of chocolate covered espresso beans.  I was introduced to those last fall, courtesy of Crazy Cousin Ree, too.  Yum!!  Yum!!  And Yum-O!! (I'm not sure it is possible to go wrong with chocolate AND coffee!!)

Baxter was quite delighted with his gift!
He chomped and chewed for almost two hours in that prone position, hardly budging--and the kong is still intact!!  Crazy Cousin Ree sent an indestructible toy!  Bless.Her.Heart!!  I mean, thank you Rusty, Sophie, and Opie!! And anything that can hold his attention for longer than ten minutes is nothing short of a miracle. 

Last night I felt a bit like Baxter, sprawling on the floor in these pictures.  A peanut butter scoop, some espresso beans, and a piece (or two) of pumpkin fudge can leave a girl lolling about! I couldn't budge either! Yes, a two mile run is in order for this morning! 

Thank you Crazy Cousin Ree!  You are the best.  (And the Mr. says if you keep sending those peanut butter scoops, he might have to plan a vacation to the East Coast just to see you!  They are to die for!!)  Hugs and Love from Easy Street!  (Baxter sends a few sniffings, too!)


Anonymous said...

Come on out my "MR".........there are TONS of PB scoops all just a mile and a half from my front door! OR If we ask nice Mary (who is also my neighbor) might deliver them to the house!!! Bring Baxter to play with his cousins and Mrs. E (if you feel like it!!:o) Glad the Kong worked out for Baxter...keep stuffing it with peanut butter or other doggie treats and he will be one happy guy.
Love you my CrAzY CoUsIn!!!
Ree (Who can't believe she was the topic of her favorite blog!!!)

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

I am going to experiment with those PB scoops this weekend. Because. oh.my.god. they sound good!

joyce said...

Yippe skipee & pumpkin fudge?? Never heard of either of those, but they sound good for the soul!

Puna said...

This is so cute. Looks like everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Mary said...

Baxter looks quite content, for sure! What a nice surprise!