Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tiny Town's First Day In The New Building

Well, I think that today is finally the day. It is bitter cold in Tiny Town, but no one cares.  Finally, our schools are opening!  At the High School our students will walk into the new school and the first thing they will see is their new commons area and eating spot:

The windows and doors on the right open to a plaza like area at the front of our school. I'm not sure we will be using it until it warms up a bit, but it should be beautiful this spring. Since the auditorium entrances are on the left, those glass doors will provide exits from theater events.

If you were at Tiny Town High today with my sophomores, you would walk in right here to find me:
The trash has been emptied, and the counters spit shined.  (Our custodians have been incredibly busy, so some of us have helped them out by taking care of our own trash and dusting.)  Before I left school yesterday, I posted a "Welcome Home" sign on the door.  And it is our new home!

My sophomores  will find me (though it's a lot cleaner now) here:
I will probably still be trying to figure out how to adjust my new chair.  Right now, it pretty much does what it wants.  Surely, I can outsmart the chair??!!

Our students will tour the school, find their lockers and auditorium seats, and explore the new cafeteria lines.  After that will be the grand opening. 

The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place in our new auditorium:
I think it is safe to assume that I will be taking pictures today.  I've missed my sophomores.  It has been three and a half weeks since we have all been together. I am excited to see their reaction to their new school.  It is quite a change from Trailer High.

There will be more pictures to come.  I'm still waiting on the acoustic tiles in our hallways and the sectional seating in our library before posting pictures of those areas. 

So tomorrow's pictures?  Happy faces of our staff and students, of course!


Anonymous said...

I'm SO HAPPY for YOU, all the students & teachers!!! Enjoy your new school and try to stay upright AND behave yourself!!! Love you my CrAzY CoUsIn!!!

Kim said...

Celebrating with you today!

Lisa said...

Congratulation! The new building looks so nice. Enjoy.

Dandy said...

So exciting! I love the commons area!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Thinking happy, excited thoughts for you today!

Hays Family 5 said...

So how was it? I thought of you off and on all day. What a wonderful way to spend January!

holybovine said...

Simply amazing, CC! Makes me want to go to school. Enjoy!