Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things I Find Challenging

Things I find challenging:

1.  Math (beyond % and simple mathematics)

2.  Anything that requires hand eye coordination

3.  Drawing, painting, or anything art related- stick people are a challenge (see #2)

4.  Parallel Parking  (I don't know where I was that day in Driver's Ed.)

5.  Changing a tire (I wore a dress that day.)

6.  Finding a haircut for my ridiculously high forehead

7.  Not biting my nails  (it's a sickness and the only remedy is acrylics)

8.  Staying awake past 10:30

9.  Chemistry

10.  Watching scary movies

I know this isn't all.  I'm forgetting a lot.  So, I'm pretty sure this list is to be continued... and continued... and continued.


Mary said...

That could be my list. Seriously.

Pastor Sharon said...

Umm, Mrs. E,
I stopped at Math. That one always gave me indigestion or headaches. Can I go to the nurses office? I don't think I can do this one.