Friday, February 25, 2011

Why Schools Have Snow Days

Some people don't understand why schools close for ice and snow.  I think I know.

The Mr. picked me up right after school yesterday, so I could make it to my dentist appointment.  He drove because the freezing rain and snow were getting worse.  We followed three buses out of town. 

The first five miles were slow.  We were all following a snow blade, and no one was passing. Suddenly, I saw the first bus in line swerve wildly, and then a car flew into the ditch on our side of the road. 

The driver of the car had hit ice and slid into the bus head-on.  Kudos to the bus driver for not going into the ditch and rolling the bus.  I was also thankful that the driver was the solo occupant of her car, and that she took the brunt of the hit on the passenger side of her car.

Everyone walked away.  BUT...

Do you know how tragic that could have been? 

And that is why there are early releases, late starts, and snow days. 

(Yeah, after that we turned around, went back home, and cancelled my dentist appointment.  Some things just aren't worth it.)


Shannon said...

When I think about the burden of responsibilty those bus drivers face with a bus full of kids I am more than happy to have a snow day. In town, we don't always realize how bad it is out on the gravel roads and such, so people sometimes complain about why they called school off again. I think I would much rather be safe than sorry. So glad everyone was ok!

Vicky said...

It is never easy for the person or person's that have to make the judgment call. Remember they are thinking of more than 500 individuals and not just a few. The bus drivers have a HUGE responsibility.

Can a snow day be a hardship for parents for daycare? Probaby...but be thankful your child is safe with you.

So next time you see those decision makers....THANK them for the job they do.

I watched an individual spin out and go down a deep enbankment, roll and land on its top on HWY 18 yesterday afternoon around 4:00. Thank goodness the individual was able to crawl out a window unscathed. His vehicle was totalled. You can replace a vehicle but you can't replace a life.

Anonymous said...

There were two fatalities last night about 25 miles northeast of where I live. A head-on accident (because of slick roads) and another car tried to stop and slid off the road into an old quarry pond. So sad. It's not worth it to try and have our kids out on the roads! BJB

Mary said...

No joke. We had snow a couple of weeks ago, snow wasn't called off, and one of the bus drivers said she slid all the way down the mountain. Thank God she had the skills to keep the bus on the road. It could've been disastrous. And to think the only reason we had school was to get another day of preparing for testing in April. Ridiculous.