Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday.  Mardi Gras. 

Testing begins today.  We hope that there will be reason to celebrate when we are done tomorrow.  Trust me when I tell you that we will skip the beads. 

I'm giving up caffeine.  That doesn't make me feel like celebrating much.  I really like coffee and Diet Pepsi.  I'm tapering off.  I know my blood pressure will thank me, but that still doesn't make me feel like celebrating.

This morning I ran two miles.  The weather wasn't the awful stuff predicted.  I'm running two miles today and Thursday, and then I'm planning a three mile run over the weekend. If running two miles starts feeling a little easier, now that would be reason to celebrate!

Pancakes on Easy Street tonight.  So...it is going to be a fat Tuesday.  Maybe a fat Wednesday, too.  There's a reason people fast on Ash Wednesday.


Mary said...

Pancakes here, too! No running, though. Have a good day!

B. Meandering said...

Our testing begins next week for four days. Good luck and prayers for patience and good humor throughout yours!