Friday, March 11, 2011

High Points This Friday

This has been a good week.  Some high points:

*Assessment scores were really good.
*Some sophomore moms bringing in breakfast for the sophs before the first day of tests.
*"Survivor" getting rid of Russell.
*Taking Dad and B for a tour of the new school. So good to see them.
*Also taking a former student from the class of '88 on a tour.  Catching up was fun.
*The morning run is getting easier.  Back to two miles and ready for a three mile run this weekend.
*Baxter is freshly groomed. 
*Going to bed at 7:30 two nights in a row.  (What can I say?  I have been tired!)
*No Diet Pepsi--and I'm still here to tell the story.
*Only decaf coffee--and I haven't hurt anyone!

It's been a good week.  And Spring Break is just a week away! 


FlowerLady said...

Your week sounds good.

We also were glad to see Russell go from Survivor. Couldn't believe he broke down crying.

Have a great weekend.


Mary said...

There's not a whole lot of thing better than a groomed furbaby...especially when they need it!

A said...

Hey! A few things... I just bought tickets to come back over my spring break (want to meet my new nephew ;) and I wondered if I could get one of these famous tours you're giving!!

Also, about not drinking soda... I haven't drank soda in a long time, but randomly I'd think I want it (which I'd soon regret). So I started getting seltzer (it's like $0.65 for a liter bottle) and I add a little splash of juice for flavoring. It's the PERFECT replacement of soda. It's my treat to myself! But I do see myself heading down the road of becoming addicted to seltzer and dreaming of owning my own seltzer making machine (which does make very yummy seltzer). I'm also recently on the no coffee kick. I just stopped cold turkey 2 weeks ago and have been surprisingly fine!