Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home Again

We arrived home at 8:00 last night.  K had picked up Baxter from the kennel and deposited him at home.  He was quite happy to see us.  In fact, the lady at the kennel told K that she didn't think the kennel life was one Baxter ever wanted to be acquainted with for long.  In other words, he is a bit pampered and spoiled at home.  You think??  He jumped into my arms for some snuggling when we arrived home.  Sheer relief on that little face!

The first half of Spring Break has been wonderful.  The last half will be a bit full, too--but all things I am eagerly anticipating:  a haircut and pedicure, a niece's play, and a class reunion. 

But...I don't want to forget all the great things about this trip:

*The slopes weren't crowded.

*I didn't have to wait in a single lift line.

*There was fresh snow both days.  The first day they had about an inch.  The second day they had about 3 inches, with more falling as the day progressed.

*Ski trails were frequently empty.  It was so peaceful.

*My rental ski boots fit the best of any ski boots I have ever worn.  *Ever*Ever*Ever!  Amazing.  No sore spots.  No bruises. (Sometimes I have been downright miserable.)

*I didn't take a single spill.  I came close, but always managed to pull it out at the last second!  (I guess my balance isn't quite as bad as I thought.)

*Finally, I bought a new pair of Adidas running shoes on the way home.  These shoes imitate running barefoot. (No, they don't look like gloves!)  We'll see how I feel about them after a couple of runs.  (I hate breaking in new shoes!) 

The last ski trip was dreadful.  This one was absolutely perfect.  I feel like someone was looking out for me--I mean, besides the Mr.  (He was a good sport to agree to another ski trip, especially since he doesn't ski.  He toted lunch, waited patiently for me to arrive at the bottom of the slope, and bought hot chocolate.  In other words--he took good care of me.  He is the best!!)

"I lift up mine eyes to the hills, from whence cometh my help..."  I'm pretty sure He had a hand in how pleasant this trip was, too!


Kim said...

Sounds like the trip was meant to be. Enjoy the rest of your spring break!

Mary said...

So glad you had such an amazing trip!