Saturday, March 26, 2011

Last Year's List

On my birthday last year I made a list of 53 things I wanted to do before I was 54.  I just pulled it up.  Hmmm...  

So here are the results.  The ones I actually did are in red; additional commentary is in blue.

53 Things To Do Before I'm 54

1. Run a 5K  (Not in a race, but on my own.  My first official 5K is April 16th.)

2. Update my wardrobe with skirts, dresses, and pants outfits (I’m not sure jeans and boots are going to work in the new school!)

3. Work a part-time job again this summer

4. Visit an out of state winery (Make that 3 or 4!!)

5. Plan a longer bike ride trip (over 25 miles)  SADLY.  No. 

6. Snow ski again  Yea!!!!

7. Add some new vegetables to our garden

8. Plant some perennials (bulbs, peony bushes)  The peony bush is struggling in our clay soil.

9. Try a new photo project

10. Ride in a hot air balloon

11. Attempt something that scares me   Skiing fits this one!

12. Teach in a school building again  Since January- Absolutely the best!!

13. Clean and organize the front hall closet  (How sad is it that it needs it again?!)

14. Paint the laundry room

15. Learn to cook one great dinner menu   (Maybe an OK one?!)

16. Write my resume

17. Sew- actually make something instead of just repairing

18. Find a comfortable pair of heels

19. Empty and organize the garage

20. Get a Schwinn

21. Update the home games collection (checkers, skipbo, etc.) 

22. Take a trip  Or two or three!!

23. Visit a few of the local sites I’ve never seen (Sunday trips?)

24. Sell some household things to weed out a bit more  (Not so much sold, as gave away!)

25. Plan a no-spend month

26. Ride a horse (it has been years)

27. Swim   (Great thing about a part-time job at a pool)

28. Visit a Civil War ground, Presidential Library, or some other historic site  (At least a local one!)

29. Buy the Mr. a piece of cast iron cookware  (He actually got them as a gift--but not from me.)

30. Try to borrow a French horn to play again

31. Eat something I’ve never tried before  (I'm sure there is something.  Maybe the Son-in-laws wild game or brat burgers or something!)

32. Paint the house   Getting closer!

33. Take a class and learn something new  (Inservice and all the new technology in the new building)

34. Wash the windows-- (They are in seriously bad shape!)

35. Visit the local library more often

36. Wear sunscreen every day  (Again with the job at the pool!)

37. Fix up the patio  (New steps thanks to construction tech class at the HS)

38. Pick gooseberries for the first time in 30+ years

39. Make a gooseberry pie, for that matter—make any pie  (No gooseberry, but peanut butter and pink lemonade)

40. Watch one classic movie a month  (I didn't manage one a month--but several!)

41. Take a photography trip

42. Buy a memory chip for my blackberry

43. Drink a martini (never tasted one)   (I don't think I need to do that again!)

44. Carve something into a tree

45. Eat more fish

46. Visit an arboretum

47. Buy a basket for my bike

48. Make jogging a regular part of my routine again  (Three days a week for almost a year!)

49. Clean through the basement storage area  (Almost impossible with L's stash!)

50. Learn to make cakes from scratch

51. Empty the closets of the girls old clothes  (We've done a lot of this.  Goodwill has inherited a bunch.)

52. Write for something besides blog world  (I don't think Facebook counts!)

53. Teach Baxter some tricks and basic obedience commands  (I credit the Mr. with most of this.  BUT.. I did manage to get him to sit and stay.  Rollover also worked as long as there were treats!)

I didn't quite hit 50%.  AND...with the birthday coming up again soon I'm thinking this year I may have to go with 10 or 15 things to try in the coming year.  It's good to have goals or a guideline, but I hate feeling like a failure!!

Truth be told, it is hard to feel like a failure after the year I've just had!  Fifty-three has been good to me!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for my laugh for the day...I read #41 as Take a Pornography trip....And thought WHAT the H3LL????? Love you, Ree

melindagravenstein said...

Ok...I will go with you on the photography trip, the wineries, hot air balloon, and don't give up on martinis until you've had our chocolate one (liquid candy!!)