Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Mornings

Sometimes it is hard rolling out of bed on Mondays, especially Mondays after a week off.

I need warm clothes today.  (Layers!)  I was down at school yesterday afternoon and the temperature was 58 in my room.  I'm pretty sure the heat was on weekend mode, but I want to be prepared in case the heat doesn't come back on like it is supposed to.   

 The cup in this poster (a continuation from yesterday's post) is probably a sign of what will get me through the morning. 
 Thank goodness for coffee.


2Thinks said...

I love this cup. The sayings are perfect, especially think more than you talk and hug your mom :) As for the heat dilemma- it is cold here too. At church the heat was broken, so everyone kept their coat and hat on during the service. The joke was it'd be a good morning for a fire and brimstone sermon- fortunately that didn't happen. Come on Spring! let's get here already!!

B. Meandering said...

Cool mug! I need it today!