Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday the 15th

April 15th isn't exactly my favorite day.  (Sorry, S-I-L Rach--and Happy Birthday!)

Taxes always stick it to us.  The Mr. pays in extra, and we still always owe.  We are last minute tax mailers.  In fact, if the accountant doesn't have it together today, we are really going to be pushing it this year.

Add to that the fact that the school wants our purchase orders for any classroom supplies on April 15th, too.  (Some years it is earlier, so I shouldn't complain.)

I have a hard time ordering.  I always forget something I need.  I try not to spend much money, which means I frequently end up buying things out of my own pocket in the fall.  In fact, I think last year the sum total of my school order was about $20.00.  I rarely spend $100.00. 

They don't give us a budget.  I guess if they did, we would assume we needed to spend all of it.  They can still cut anything that they deem unnecessary.

With school budgets in trouble, I do my part to keep expenses down.  Will that translate into a raise??

Doubtful.  Wishful thinking.  *sigh*

Happy April 15th.  OK.  That's a reach, even for me.  Let's go with Happy Friday!

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Gayle said...

Yes, I think going with Happy Friday is a better bet! Hope you have a great weekend!