Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

If only we had known the sex of Baby T when we colored Easter Eggs.  We would have made Baby T's egg pink!  (As it was, we went with orange.)

We understand girls here on Easy Street.  The Mr. is almost the guru of girls.  CT will have to take a lesson or two from the Mr.'s book.

I can guarantee you that CT will have the Little Missy out fishing and hunting.  And I can also guarantee you that Little Missy will have an adoring Daddy who will take really good care of her--like he already does her momma.  (It's a given that K will now have another chick flick fan and shopping buddy.)

My guess is that there is a little pink rod and reel out there calling CT's name.  And there just might be a tiny pair of pink hiking boots in need of an owner, too!

On another note, hopefully the Mr. will know his "game plan" for surgery early this morning.  The doctors are consulting.  If he doesn't know something by this afternoon, the angry wife just might show up at their clinic.  They really shouldn't poke this bear! (We've now had a four day weekend of miserable.)

News of a baby granddaughter cheered the Mr. considerably, but he feels so rotten that he just isn't himself.  I'm pretty sure that if he were, he would be out buying a pink catcher's mitt or starting a savings account for CT.  You see...the Mr. really does know a thing or two about raising daughters!

If the Mr. just felt a bit better, the girls of Easy Street would really be celebrating this soon to be "new girl on the block."

The perks of having daughters:  you always have someone to worry about you, nag you, spoil you with thoughtful gestures, and generally make you feel quite loved.  CT's about to discover that.

PS.  I won the Inservice Bingo game yesterday!  My prize:  no money, just a jar of yummy homemade strawberry jam.  Game length:  less than two minutes!  (Like taking candy from a baby...!)


B. Meandering said...

Congrats! Having 3 granddaughters and 3 grandsons, I don't really have a preference. Although my son was easier to raise than my daughter was and if anyone adds a gray hair to my head, it's my daughter. But the companionship I have with her as she raises her children is wonderful---I love it! You're about to embark on a joyous journey.
You go get em if the mr. doesn't get answers today!:)

Lisa said...

I can already tell it is going to be dangerous for this grandma and all the cute little girl clothes! Congratulations!

Kim said...

Exciting news! I hope you'll get answers from the Mr.'s tests, too. Though it won't be as exciting as baby news, hopefully it will offer relief - physically and mentally.

Gayle said...

A girl! How wonderful!

My best wishes to the Mr.

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

Finally catching up on my daily blogs and THRILLED to hear we (er, um, YOU) have a baby girl on the way!

Sorry (and a little worried) to hear about the Mr. I'm sure I'll hear all about it as I catch up!

Mary said...

Hopefully the surgery will be soon and the Mr. will feel better soon.
Good thing it's a girl; we wouldn't want the guys to have too much heaven with a boy! :D

puna said...

So great to hear! Great news for you! I can't help but feel slightly sorry for the Mr. but I'm sure he's thrilled and doesn't want my sympathy:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You are going to love this new chapter. It will be squishy, delicious! I know!!
Hope the Mr. is soon on the mend.


ch said...

congratulations on your impending pink! i know from experience that they sell camouflage skirted onesies at Bass Pro...just sayin'...xoxox