Sunday, May 22, 2011

Highs and Lows

The last few days have been something else.

My sophomore boy, undergoing chemo, lost his hair last week.  He returned to school to find about 10-15 friends with shaved heads.  I now know what my boys will look like in about 30 years.  Pretty sweet way of letting him know that he's not alone.

L told her elementary school goodbye on Friday.  She said that both she and her kids ended the day in tears.  She was still in tears when I talked to her on the way home from work.  She's excited for the next step, but sad not to see her little ones next year.

Baby Girl T had a baby shower (thrown by K's colleagues) on Saturday.  Those tiny clothes are just adorable.  And now K and CT have the crib and changing table put together so they are ready to begin on the nursery.

Today, was Graduation Day in Tiny Town.  We had beautiful weather for outdoor parties.

But before graduation, I returned to my hometown for the last service held in the church of my childhood.

Our church family was a close one.  I always knew that the prayers of the church followed me through life and even off to college.  Mom was the church pianist.  I sang my first solo there.   I preached sermons on youth Sunday, acted in countless Christmas Pageants, and memorized hundreds of Bible verses and Bible stories in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. That little church was a huge part of my childhood and my life.

Today, they deconsecrated the church, disbanded it, and closed the doors forever.  It broke my heart.  I guess I thought that the church and the people in it would always be there. 

So many old friends and church family gathered there today for the last time. My little big brother sang.  I saw people I hadn't seen in years.  And I cried and took pictures and promised myself that I would write about it sometime.  But not today.

With graduation, I missed a big birthday celebration for B, my stepmother.  I hope she had a great afternoon.  Surprises aren't really her thing.  I hope they are now, or my Dad could be in big trouble!

There are four school days ahead of me. I will have all of my students for the first two days.  The last two days, only a few students will be around to take finals; others opted out when they passed the State Math Assessment.

The Mr. says he is working full time again--starting tomorrow.  Lovely.  We'll see how that goes.

I'm looking forward to June.  I'm behind on blog reading and reading in general.  I am ready for a slower pace and for this roller coaster ride to level out a bit.  May has been a bit crazy.  I'm hoping this isn't the "new normal."


Mary said...

I'm amazed at how those boys stood by their friend! Incredible!
Hope y'all fared okay with the storms yesterday. I'm not sure if they were in your area, but I thought about you & Tiny Town.

Puna said...

I'm sorry about your boy. How sad. Here's to life getting back to normal soon.

holybovine said...

I heard your Dad told B, "You are my woman and you are going in there." when she didn't want to enter the building for her party. Oh, Uncle H. You crack me up!