Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last Day

Blogger is driving me crazy.  I am having trouble accessing my dashboard; hence, it is almost impossible to post. 

When I can finally get on my dashboard, everything looks a bit strange: bold font and semi broken looking bullets.

I don't really need this right now.  I'm finishing up at school.  Today is the last day. 

The family Woodstock Weekend begins on Friday.  I'm trying to organize the house before I leave, so I can enjoy the weekend--guilt free. 

My kid sister and all of her family will be joining us this year.  Little sis + brother-in-law + 4 daughters + 2 husbands +1 granddaughter = the California crew.  I can't wait to see them! 

In fact, I think all of my siblings will be here.  That doesn't happen very often these days.  Add in all the CraZy relatives who will be camping at my grandparent's farm this weekend and let the fun begin!

I am more than ready for today to be over, more than ready for a long weekend, and more than ready for summer. 

Seeing all of the tornado damage in other places, a friend retiring, and the husband going back to work full time before he was supposed to have all added to the end of the year "fun."  I am more than ready for the down time.

Bring on the weekend:

*Camping in the Barbie Dream House   *Bug spray   *Tending fire   *Watching for full moons   *The creek    *Country roads   *Grandma's peonies and irises   *Hot dog roasts   *S'mores   *Outdoor breakfast chefs   *Adorable little kids   *Tents and campers   *Muddy kids and dogs   *Wading   *Enjoying the family

Bring on Summer:

*Summer beers   *T-ball and coach pitch games   *Lawn Chairs    *Swimming   *Good books   *Sleeping in   *Walks at the track   *Shorts   *Lazy afternoons   *Day trips   *Flip flops   *Sprinklers   *Garden fresh tomatoes  *Fireflies   *Pots of geraniums  *Eating outside   *Bike rides   *Star gazing  

Sounds good to me!  One.  More.  Day.


FlowerLady said...

Have a wonderful weekend and a great summer.


Anonymous said...

Just for the record....I won't be there...therefore I am NOT ONE of the CrAzY family members! Your CrAzY Aunt C. & Uncle W. had big time RV engine problems on the way down yesterday so they won't be there for the long haul either! WHO will use the "P.A.M." this year??? Be sure to tell ALL the CrAzIeS I said HI!!! Love you all tons!!! Cousin Ree