Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Memorial Weekend

There were lots of dogs and people present at our annual weekend of cousins camping.  Ruby and Toby were two who stood still long enough for a photo op.  I didn't take many pictures this year, but I'll share a few of the ones I did take.

I have 38 first cousins. (!!)   Obviously, they don't all make it for the weekend of fun.  Those who do-- have lots of time for catching up.
And coffee...
The little kids spend a lot of time at the creek.  This year they caught a bunch of tadpoles and found quite a few shells.  When I took this picture, they had a frog in that pail.  They were floating a banana peel for a lily pad for the little frog, who I hope escaped before the end of camping. (Such creative little problem solvers.)
I always find time to make it to the little country cemetery where Mom is buried.  It is just a few miles away from the farm.  Nothing much changes there, but it is a peaceful place where one set of my great grandparents are buried, too. 
And this is seven of the nine who started the whole brood that gathers this one weekend each year. They put up with our nonsense, and sometimes they even enjoy us.  (Or at least we like to think that they do!)

We always enjoy them.  Let's see, we have the family historian, the ice cream maker, the one who grabs the Pam instead of the Off, the one who has had her grave decorated more than once (she's still alive), the uncle who takes care of the port-a-pot for me (boy, do I owe him!), and one who provided the grill.  We still need them:  they take care of us, document our history, and provide us with laughs and great memories. 

We're lucky if we have family who loves us-- even luckier if we love our family, too!


holybovine said...

Looking at the photos just makes me long even more for my favorite campout. Thanks for sharing the photos. Hey...where's Uncle H?

Mrs. E said...

Dad was there for everything but Sunday. B had a school reunion that they attended.

Anonymous said...

What kind of face is Cousin J making????? I think maybe she was having an "issue" with something!!!