Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Not Kidding

The Mr. went for his follow-up appointment with the surgeon.  He can only work part-time for the next two weeks, and he can't swim or lift more than ten pounds for three weeks.  *sigh*

We've known people who have had this surgery and been back to work in just a few days.  The Mr.'s been frustrated because he hasn't bounced back as fast as he thought he would.  The surgeon said, "Well, it wasn't a normal laparoscopy."  He had to cut some adhesions from the mesh and move things about to get to the gall bladder. He had to cut adhesions around the gall bladder, too. Seems the Mr. sports some stitches inside that we didn't know about.

The Mr. is to continue taking it easy.  It will be a bit before he feels like himself.  I guess I will be dealing with cranky pants for a few more weeks.  He really wanted to be up and around and back to work. (I was beginning to want that, too!)

I guess part-time is better than not at all.  I just hope he follows directions and continues to take it easy.  Following instructions isn't his favorite thing.  (Typical former teacher, eh?)

So... we're coasting on Easy Street. Well, at least the Mr. darn well better be!  And if I'm not there to watch- Baxter is in charge.  Scary! 

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