Friday, June 10, 2011

Favorite Five of the Week

So many good moments to choose from, but here goes:

1.  Today at VBS a little one asked me if I was Pastor Ken's Mom.  Now, Pastor Ken is at least 10-15 years older than I am.  His mother?????  It's a good thing that Pre-Kindergartner is a cute little guy!

2.  The girls and I made a trip to an exhibit a couple of hours away.  It was my Mother's Day gift.  So yesterday was a girl's day.

3.  On our trip to the exhibit, K wore a long sundress which got caught in the escalator and brought the thing to an abrupt halt.  She pulled it out quickly, but 20 minutes later that escalator was still stopped.  We got a good laugh out of that one. 

4. L came home and sorted through some of her belongings.  She threw away several bags of papers she had saved and didn't need now.  She also put together a pretty good sized box of things for Goodwill.  She is gradually sorting through things for her move in a month.

5.  I finally got all of my pots filled with flowers.  I usually have that done by Mother's Day.  I'm operating on the better late than never theory.  Whatever works...!

It has been a good week on Easy Street.  It feels like vacation has finally begun.

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