Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nuts About Nutella

I'm slow, but I finally tried Nutella a month or so ago.  You find it with the Peanut Butter in the grocery store.  It is a blend of hazelnut (Mom got me started on the hazelnut flavor years ago) and chocolate. 

My first try was Nutella on bread.  Yuck.  I wasn't  crazy about it.  However, I have found several ways that I do love it:

*Nutella as icing on brownies  (To die for!)
*Nutella on graham crackers
*Nutella with pretzels  (got the sweet and salty thing going)
*Nutella (instead of butter) on pancakes--syrup on top (yum!)

Things I haven't tried yet, but will:

*Nutella and 'Nilla wafers
*Nutella s'mores  (skip the Hershey bar)
*Nutella on tortillas
*Nutella as a fruit dip
*Nutella on Ritz Crackers (another sweet and salty)

A former student in Italy posted a picture of herself beside Nutella jars as big as her head.  She said they cost about $20, and that she can't find a jar of peanut butter in the country.  (No peanut butter?? gasp!)

I always thought those Italians were on to something, and now I know it:  Tuscany wine country and now gallons of Nutella.  I need to get a passport!


Lesley A. Owens said...

The Nutella brownies you brought to the camp out were an *EXCELLENT* idea! Thanks for turning me on to this stuff!

Dandy said...

I swear I could go thru a box of nilla wafers and a jar of nutella in an afternoon.

ch said...

Remember your chocolate cake in a coffee cup?

i have a nice recipe for nutella pumpkin bread, too...but i never understood the combination of chocolate and pumpkin...just like i don't understand chocolate and bananas...or, for the love of god...chocolate and oranges? No. No sense. Makes none. at. all.

A said...

you don't like nutella on bread (i eat it on toast sometimes -- yum!!)... here's a few more ideas - on crepes with bananas AND i've been eating apple slices with peanut butter but i bet they'd be delicious with a bit of nutella as well!

Anonymous said...

Nutella- love it, love it, love it! I will not allow myself to buy another container of it. I finished the first one in less than a week (all by myself!!). BJB

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I love this post! I just love the way you write!