Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Randoms

This is on my mind:

*Callouses- I have them on my hands from the dog leash.  The splitter halter with 90 pounds of dogs pulling me along has ruined my hands.  My feet are another story.  I guess the running, the chlorine at the pool, and the flip flops have been wrecking the bottoms of my feet.  I snag carpet.  I could probably made a pedicurist run screaming for his/her life.  Yikes!

*Night sweats are driving me crazy. 

*I've ordered the license for the Tiny Town High School musical this fall.  I could probably spend the rest of the summer preparing, and still not be ready for auditions and practices. 

*The weather reminds me a bit of the summer of 1980 when I was pregnant with K.  I think there were 25 straight days of temperatures over 100.  I like reminding K that this is all paybacks!

*My sophomore boy just had his 5th treatment.  He wears a different T-shirt for each treatment, stating who he is going through it for and showing a picture of them.  This treatment was for his friends--and the photo was of about a dozen bald boys who had shaved their head to look like him.  Gave me a lump in my throat.  And he is only about one-third of the way through.

*Fresh Pineapple.  I craved this after my stroke.  They cost about $7.00 a piece that year, and the Mr. bought them for me anyway.  I still love fresh pineapple, and thankfully--they cost a lost less. 

*The saddest part of my summer--the tomatoes are late.  I still haven't had a BLT this summer.  If the son-in-law knows what is good for him, he will share some of the wealth when those 30 (!) tomato plants come through.  I might cut into his salsa production a little, but it is hard to underestimate the value a happy mother-in-law!

Deep thoughts this Friday, I know.  Happy July 1st!  Stay cool!


Cousin A said...

BLT's!! Thanks for the reminder!! And remember to add Avocado.

Anonymous said...

YOU & MY sister with the night sweats........OLD PEOPLE!!! Ree

liz s. c/91 said...

the boy w/cancer almost made me cry...lost a brother-in-law to cancer.
almost cried again when i read that you had had a stroke...from super famous favorites stars to super favorite teachers, i hate to see time moving forward & aging us.