Monday, July 11, 2011

Pool Days

The temperature is supposed to be hot today.  Hot as in above 100 degrees.  Yes, the Midwest is smokin'!  And I'm working at the pool.

Today, I will be drinking a lot of water.  I will also be spending a lot of time in the water.  Sunscreen will be my friend.

And what will I be reading in the shade?  The Scorch Trials by James Dashner, of course.  It seems appropriate.


Beth said...

Do you ever feel guilty reading? I do. I have much to do, but it's just so nice to read a good book because I want to and not because I need to for a lesson plan or something else school related. However, I find it difficult to put them down and there lies my problem!

Katie (Can't Get There) said...

How are you liking it? I'm halfway through The Passage by Cronin and my interest is waning. Hope it picks up and they stop introducing so many characters!

Stay cool, lady...