Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Memory- Technology

I was thinking the other day about how technology has changed for teachers.

When I was hired for my first teaching job, the principal said I had to teach Julius Caesar because they had ordered the film.  When the film arrived, it was on a reel.  Yes, reel to reel with splicing and the possibility of a "reel" mess.  I can remember the librarian at Tiny Town High purchasing the early VCR--a Beta. (That was out of date in just a few years.)  Everything is on DVD these days, but I assume that will change again.

Back in the day, copying papers was done on a mimeograph machine.  The kids loved the smell of fresh mimeographed tests and worksheets.  Of course, they were all high on the chemicals.  I hated the purple smudges.  Those smudges ended up on my fingers, forehead, or face.  I hated the fact that you could run 75 copies, but only 65 or so would actually have the print on them.  And I especially hated the fact that they were so hard to read that I frequently had to read parts of the test out loud anyway.  Great fun. 

And oh the stories our early school email systems could tell!  But that is another post for another day.

The plan for this week is to have the students create a prezi and link it to a wiki. We might add a voice thread, too.  Sounds like gibberish, I know.  And the sad thing is, the kids will probably be showing me how to do it.  So, once again...

Who is teaching who here?

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