Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Black Paint, I-phones, and the Bug's Relatives

I've spent too much time in paint stores lately.  Let me just say what everyone standing in line at the paint counter is thinking: "Just shoot me now!"  Even the people who work there act like they absolutely hate their job.  Can't say as I blame them.

Last night, I was buying paint for the play:  black paint for the platforms and red paint for the "brick" walls.  As if buying the paint wasn't torture enough, now I actually have to use it.  I hate it all:  the painting, the mess, and the cleaning up.  *sigh*

On a sweeter note, the Lady Bug got to meet some of her relatives on Saturday.
The G-Man liked his little second cousin.  They seemed to have a "little" people kind of connection. Look at her checking out that handsome guy!
 G-Man's little brother was a bit unsure whether he wanted anything to do with the Bug or any of these strange people either.  He got reassurance from his mama, my niece, but he still wasn't too sure about any of us.
Little Bro finally let CT play with him, as long as CT didn't get too close. 

But while the Little Big Brother and his wife were holding the Lady Bug...

I was holding their new I-phones.  And now...I really think I need (OK, want!) one.  Am I getting one any time soon?  No, but the phone is going on my wish list.  The wish list is small, but expensive:  I-phone, I-pad, and a house at that lake.  The Mr. says I have champagne taste on a beer budget--and cheap beer at that. 

It didn't help any when L called me from her new I-phone yesterday. *sniff, sniff*

The whole world is going I-phone crazy, and I completely understand it. 

However, I probably have enough craziness in my life right now.  After all, I am buying black paint, faking brick buildings, creating a 1920's car that can fit through the backstage doors, and figuring out how to play a football game on stage. I know. You're wishing you were me about right now, aren't you?!

My life used to be so normal....


Lesley A. Owens said...

It sounds busy on Easy Street, as always!

Also, my new iPhone 4S should be arriving today--I'm soooo excited! Having a smartphone strikes me as completely unnecessary and silly and wasteful and pretentious and way too plugged in for my own good, and that's exactly why I bought myself one for my birthday. ;)

margie said...

i love how involved and busy you are!! we are anxiously awaiting another little baby due in february. wanted to let you know that one of kath's photos was chosen for the Heart and Stroke Foundation Calendar. pay a visit today, we strokers have to stick together!!

Mary said...

I bought OS an i-phone for his birthday Saturday, and CH is giving me a lot of grief because of it! It would be nice to have one!