Monday, November 28, 2011

Early Christmas On Easy Street: iPhone

The Mr. and I decided that our Christmas present would be to buy new phones and switch phone plans.  We did that on Saturday while L was here, as we were adding ourselves to her phone plan.  She was quite glad to have us, as it will save her a bit of money.

So, the Mr. picked out the Droid, and I ended up going with the iPhone.  We spent the weekend figuring out all the features and adding a few applications.

I don't know about his Droid, but here is what I love about my iPhone:

*The Camera.  This phone takes amazing pictures.  I love being able to take videos with it, too.  And again, the quality is wonderful!

*Voice messaging.  Voice everything.  Texting by voice is so much easier.  Creating a To-do list is a breeze.  Love, love, love this feature!

*A larger view when I rotate the phone. (My eyes needed this one!)

*Music from my iTunes without having to have my iPod handy.

*The flashlight feature.  (Again with the eyes!)

*Angry Birds.  Greatest phone game ever.

*I haven't downloaded a magazine, book, or newspaper; however, that is an option that is available.  My newsstand is empty.  (How sad is that?)

It is easy to see what the goal was with the iPhone.  It eliminates the need for an iPod, eReader, camera, and even a computer. The Apple people are working to get everything condensed into one product.

Best Christmas present ever!  Just sayin'!  (And the Mr. is happy because he is done shopping, and he didn't have to wrap it!)


Puna said...

Oh you are gonna love it!

Mary said...

CH has a droid & loves it! I got a droid tablet and am enjoying it, too. We were watching tv the other day and they had some big-wig photographer on there. When asked about today's cameras, she said that the iphone was the best out there.