Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Usually, it is Thankful Thursday, but it is a month of thankfulness on Facebook.  Since the first week of November is over. Here are week one's status updates: 
Day #1- I am thankful for family. Being surrounded by good people is a blessing. 

Day #2- I am thankful for an adorable granddaughter--and that her mother sends me a photo a day on my phone. No matter what else is going on--that picture always gives me a reason to smile.
Day #3- I am thankful for a warm bed--and a good night of sleep.
Day #4 I am thankful for coffee, and its ability to jump start my day. (And that's why I'll never be on Survivor. No bathrooms? I could deal. No caffeine? Dead on day two.)
Day #5- I am grateful for K and L and how nice it is that we still love spending time together. ♥ 
Day #6: I am thankful for time: time for work, time for play, time for family and friends, and time for myself. I am particularly grateful for that extra hour of sleep on Sunday.
Day #7: I am thankful for walks under a beautiful starry sky. (I should thank Baxter for dragging me out at 4:00 AM to enjoy it, but I'm not feeling the love. We fall back an hour, and he fell back two. Argh!)
 I've noticed more people joining the month of thankfulness this year.  
Gratitude is an attitude.

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Mary said...

So cool that you get a picture a day of Ladybug! What a GREAT idea!
And, why is it that no matter how many times you explain the time change to the fur babies, they just don't get it? :D