Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baxter and the Christmas Tree

Poor Baxter isn't quite sure what to make of our tree.  He started out kind of fascinated with the ornaments.  He even nudged a couple off the tree. We nipped that in the bud.

Lately, he's been leaving the ornaments alone.  The tree skirt is another matter.

I could not figure out what the stupid dog was trying to do.  Bax was clear under the tree and nosing around. He would tug on the edges of the tree skirt, trying to pull it around.  I had to scold him--more than once.

And then the Mr. figured it out:  he's "burying" his bones under the tree skirt.  *sigh* 

About the time he lifts his leg on the tree--he is sooo out of here!


Anonymous said...

MY Mister would NEVER lift his leg on a tree.............Oh did you mean Baxter??? My bad!!! Love you my CrAzY cousin, Ree

Kitty M said...

ahah Mrs E - our Alfie would do exactly the same thing. We are having a day out tomorrow with the baby and he cannot be trusted on his own in the house(the dog not the baby:-) ) so we have had to book him into Doggie Daycare!