Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Incredibly Random Tuesday

Random Thoughts-

*Pinterest has become my new obsession.  What a great website!  So many creative ideas that I won't accomplish half, but it is fun to look. 

*Only one Christmas gift left to purchase.  The Lady Bug is the final person on my list.  What am I buying?  Something she'll keep and enjoy for years. (A rocking chair, wooden sled, or a little red wagon?)  Something that won't take up much room in a small house. (A tea set?)  Something to organize the haul she is going to get.  (A toy box that could convert to a small bench?)  NO IDEA.  Time will tell...

*I'm reading scripts trying to find a play to direct 2nd semester.  Wish me luck.

*The Mr. is sick. Pneumonia or the yearly miserable chest cold? 

*Love my new iPhone.  My favorite ap is Flipboard, followed closely by Words With Friends.  Yes. Alec Baldwin and I actually have something in common.  Scary.

*I need to finish my final.  One student is leaving on Friday and won't be back 2nd semester.  He needs to take his final before he goes. *sigh*

*This is one of my quirks, but if I'm up-- the Christmas tree better be aglow.  An unlit tree is depressing to me.

*Finally, one of the perks of the new phone is the camera.  I love it for taking pictures or short videos.  Too much fun.  I'll leave you with this one of Auntie L and "her" little Bug cheerleading.  I'm not sure who enjoyed it more.

Yes, I think these two put the Merry in Christmas!

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