Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Sunday In September

The Mr. is off to work. I am grading papers and working on the show rehearsals for this week. 

When I saw the Dr. on Friday, she told me that they had diagnosed shingles.  She thought it looked like I got the medicine in the first 48 hours.  She also warned me that shingles around the eye are pretty dangerous.  I could have had shingles on my eye which can lead to blindness.  Yikes.  Most of my symptoms are gone now, but I'm still taking it easy.  After the symptoms have been gone for a month, I will take the shingles vaccine.  I don't want to chance getting them again.

Today, K and CT are celebrating their 2nd Anniversary.  I am sure they are being entertained by the Lady Bug.  She is such a funny little thing.  She has a really good sense of humor.  (Who knew you could tell that at age 1?)  So between laughing, reading, and rescuing her from her daring "adventures" --they'll have a full day.  And probably wonder what in the world they did before she arrived.  Happy Anniversary!

It's a beautiful day.  I hope to spend part of it outside. (There's a limit to how much grading I can do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!)

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