Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Going Gray Diary for May

So here is the progress by dates.

March 13th- My last hair appointment where my hair was colored a medium brown.  I left that appointment, knowing that I probably wasn't doing that again.  The color was too dark and all wrong.  Three days later confirmed that when the hair around my face wasn't holding color at all.  Time for a change.  Here was a photo taken shortly after that appointment.

April 18th-  I started with a new stylist.  She cut layers in my hair and added a lot of colored highlights.  This was a great cut and color to end school with.

May 24th-  I had my stylist touch up the cut.  And made an appointment for new highlights the first week of June before we go to L and CB's wedding in Las Vegas.

And this is what my wet hair looks like right now:
I can tell I need the touch up, but during the summer I can afford to wait a bit.

I'm estimating about an inch of gray at 10 weeks.

My stylist figures that she will be able to add the highlights a couple more times, then she will switch to adding in just a few low lights (dark hair) until my gray hair is chin length.  (Short, short hair is NOT my friend.  Well, it is if I want to look like a guy. Not exactly in my plan.)  Eventually, she will do fewer and fewer low lights.

So far, it has been painless. Of course, I'm not the one looking at it most of the time. 

We'll see how bad this looks by August.  The Gray Diaries may be dead by that time!  Of course, there could be a new diary--the "I'll be coloring my hair until I'm dead" diary.  Stay tuned. 


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your hair looks more silver to me than gray. My long locks are mostly silver with little brunette left these days. It took awhile to get used to, but I am comfortable with it now. I am trying to age gracefully.


Lynford Rozario said...

It's good going.Your hair looks more lovely now.

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Anonymous said...

Our Aunties have some very beautiful silver hair, so I'm excited you're going for it! I am almost completely grey, but not quite ready for that big change.....although, I think once I hit 50, I'm going for it! You'll look fabulous.

Glad you went with Danskos. I have had my clogs for 5 years. Well worth the investment.

Cousin A