Monday, May 6, 2013

The End Is Near

The end of school that is.  And it seems fairly obvious...

*Students are gone.  All.the.time.  Regional golf, tennis, track, baseball, softball.  FFA is off to final competitions.

*Students are cRaZy. All.the.time.  (Don't even go there.)

*Parent emails are inquiring about their cRaZy teens.

*I am swamped:  Finishing the final unit, study guides for finals to write and distribute, and finals to write.

*The supplies we ordered a month ago are starting to come in.  They've got to be stored for next fall.

*Grad announcements are arriving in the mail or slipped onto my desk.

*My summer is starting to fill up.  I will sacrifice June and the first weeks of August, but I am being stingy with July!

*Only one more Monday after today. 

How do I know the end is year?  I am exhausted!  (And this is why I could never teach school year round!)

1 comment:

Life in a Small Town said...

We have 1 more Monday!
Hang in there!