Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Randomness

Coffee, coffee, coffee....! 

The unpacking and laundry are done. 

And yes, we packed in one carry-on.  On our way home, we watched a nightmare of a fight when a passenger couldn't take all of her souvenir bags on the plane without paying $50 for each one.  Security was called and it got ugly.  She finally crammed it all into one and paid for an additional bag.  It delayed her flight by at least 20 minutes.  It wasn't our flight (thank God!), so the Mr. and I ate our popcorn and pretended like we were at the movies.  Good stuff. 

I think Baxter enjoyed his week, too.  K came by in the morning, the neighbor girl took him out at noon and walked him at about 4, and then sweet SIL and the Judge walked him at 8:00 or so.  He wasn't any worse for the wear.  (I think he felt pretty spoiled!)

The Mr. is back at work today, and I could stand to do some house cleaning. 

Exciting Father's Day weekend, eh? 

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