Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ahhh...the weekend

Audition week is over.  The cast list has been posted.  Forty+ littles auditioned to be munchkins.  Forty!  We are casting about 15, who will join the high school kids on stage.

I'd take a huge break from last week, but the first rehearsal is tomorrow night.  I have quite a bit to do between now and then.

We went to see the U town team win their 2nd home game.  (So sad that they lost the first.) AND it was 100+ again.  (But this week there was a little wind.  Thank goodness.)
Hot, sweaty fans! (My hair says it all here.)
K was able to join us for this one.  Buggy and Daddy were visiting the other grandparents. K had some school things this weekend.  We were trying to imagine the Bug sitting through a game.  We might feel brave enough to try it when it cools down a bit!

Church, grocery shopping, buying paint and wood for the play, and lesson planning are all on tap for today.  I hate starting a week unprepared, but I also hate when my Sundays are crammed packed. I think that might be the story of this fall.

Oh, and one of these days I'll get you a picture of this hair so you can see the gray a bit better.  (You might as well enjoy the loveliness!)  It is a look.  Not necessarily a good look, but a look!

Time for one more cup of coffee before this day really begins!

Happy Sunday!

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