Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 6- Snow Day #3

Home again.  Snow. Freezing cold.  Snow packed streets, roads, and even highways.  Probably a wise decision.

L and Sweet Sister-In-Law don't have school either.  Only K is venturing out to school today--and she has a late start.

K and I walked at school this morning.  We also carried in all the gallons of paint for the scenery for this show.  (And only whined a little.) That might be the sum total of my exercise for today.

I am pretty sure we will be back in school tomorrow.  That being said, I hope they blade/scoop some of the snow away from the parking areas.  Climbing over banks of snow to get to the sidewalks has all the makings of a disaster.

No play rehearsals this week means I have been texting cast members about memorizing lines.  If they get it done, that would be one less thing to worry about.  

So, Day #3 of the feet up on the ottoman, a cup of coffee and the morning news.  I think this is great preparation for retirement.  Just sayin'!

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Beth said...

We did not have school on Monday, but we had school on Tuesday and got our parent/teacher conferences in Tues. eve before the ice storm hit. We've been home these last two days.
We are at day 13 or 14 of 'inclement weather' days. Five are already forgiven by the state and we have made up one by having school on Martin Luther King Day. We will be in session next Monday on Presidents' Day if the weather allows us. We also lose two of our three days for our Easter vacation. I think even the kids are stressed at not having school. Some kids still need to make up midterms and they were two weeks ago! Gov. Kasich is hoping to give us five more days, but what we really need is to have the state test backed up. Our school district is really at a disadvantage because we don't start until after Labor Day. Our school board has insisted that we start after our county fair week.
However, a calendar committee has been formed and the new superintendent has made it clear that the board has to give some or watch our school drop in scores.