Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Already?

Where did the week go? 

There is no school at Tiny Town High today.  This is our day off for Parent/Teacher conferences, which ended last night.

Except...I am headed in to have rehearsal this morning. 

Last night, Little Big Brother oversaw Combat Training for the fight scene, while I was at conferences.  When I arrived after conferences, the fighting was in full swing.  You have never seen such a hyped group of guys: slamming heads into walls, sucker punching, throwing each other on the floor.  They had a great time. 

So, going in for rehearsal this morning?  I am kind of looking forward to it. 

And tomorrow? A guy is coming in to help with the lighting, so my Saturday is going to be full of changing gels and focusing lights.

And I keep telling myself:  "This is my last show."  "I can do this."

Oh, and since I missed Throwback Thursday--here are K and L.  K was two, and L was a newborn.
Things change quickly when you're not looking closely enough.

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