Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Already

That was such a short week that it doesn't seem possible that it is Saturday already. 

So what is the plan for today?  There really isn't one. 

I am headed to U town for a haircut.  (I'll let you see what this one looks like.  A new stylist, so that is always scary.)

The laundry is already done.  I think that might be the one thing I accomplished on those snow days.  Oh, and I took a lot of crazy Facebook surveys.  I now know that I am a spontaneous idealist, some Disney princess that I have never heard of, and if I were a President--I'd be President Obama.  So now you know.  

I imagine that there will be some grocery shopping thrown in there somewhere.  I'm just wild like that.  *sigh

Why do I have the feeling that naps and the Olympics will occupy most of my day?  Oh, well.  There are worse ways to spend a Saturday.

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