Thursday, February 13, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

Since Eli was baptized on Sunday, I had to dig out L's baptism pictures.  April 1983.
I showed this picture to the Bug.  She frequently gets in trouble for having her finger in her nose.  I asked her what Mommy was doing in this picture.  She said, "Mommy!  You have your finger in your nose! No!" 

When K sees that, she will have a fit.  But when she sees my hair and glasses in the picture below--she'll forget all about the photo above. I'll be forgiven.
Wow!  Just wow...

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Kim said...

It's fun to see the old photos. (We had a flowered couch similar to that, though ours was brown with big orange flowers. Lovely!) I wish my old photos were better organized, so I could just pull the ones I wanted at will. Thanks for sharing!