Thursday, May 22, 2014

1st Day of My Summer Vacation

The alarm went off at... 4:45.  Yes, Zumba class starts at 5:00.  Where else can I put in 4,000+ steps before 6:00 AM?

And now I might be on my 3rd cup of coffee and watching the morning news, though I am thinking of switching to HGTV--it's a happier place!  Better yet, The Book Thief is calling my name.  A sweet student lent it to me for the summer.  I have about ten books in a stack waiting for me.  There are also plants to water and a little dog who wonders what the heck I am still doing at home.

No shoes, feet up, a cup of coffee and a book...gotta love this time of year!

1 comment:

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, my lucky friend. School ended for me on Friday, but summer school starts tomorrow. UGH! NO BREAK!!

Still. That check will be nice.