Monday, June 23, 2014

California In Photos

More photos than writing.

Holi Party repeat just for me.
You can look up the tradition of the Holi--a tradition from India.

The morning walking path.
California Great Nieces watching...
Frozen, of course.
The newest Great Nephew in his Super Hero Cape.
(The parents pushed him in a stroller on a Father's Day run.)
The first Great Nephew--a week younger than Little Man E--
and sports the dimples, too.

Randoms of the girls: jump house and paper parasol fun.
 A trip to a winery for dinner and live music.
 Donner Pass Monument.
The snow was to the base under the people's feet--and 
that is me in the lower right.
 Lake Tahoe--the home of Niece #4- beautiful!

The rocks that we climbed with Niece #4 and boyfriend.
They were like a couple of mountain goats--
in flip flops no less.
The elderly in the hiking party were a quite a bit slower--
and a whole lot more cautious.

I had a great time visiting the Little Sister and her husband, and then making the trek to see the four nieces in their natural habitats!  (Two beautiful homes with husbands and families, and then met the two super nice boyfriends.)  Before we left the Midwest, I told my Little Sister that I mainly wanted to see her kids and her grandkids.  Goal accomplished.

And yes, I am ready to go back!

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Mary said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the dimples in the great-nephew!!!