Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October 1

September ended with a scare.

Baxter had a horrible breathing episode on Monday night. It was as if he had swallowed or inhaled something that was blocking his airway.  Our vet did an "after hours" appointment.  He had to be anesthetized in several different ways to get him under so she could examine his throat and nasal passages.

At one point, his heart quit, and she had to use chest compressions to bring him back.  She never did find anything causing the blockage. We spent almost two hours with the Vet--who was about as shook as we were; then, we came home to spend most of the night not sleeping very well and checking on him regularly.

He is better but is having to take it very easy. Now, we just have to make sure that he doesn't get pneumonia. No morning runs for awhile. Poor little pup. That was horrid!  He's always been so healthy, that we just weren't ready for this.

Let's hope he bounces quickly!

After this, I'm not sure the ghosts and goblins of October could scare me at all.

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Anonymous said...

That IS scary! Hope the little guy is feeling much better!