Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bonus Day

Temperatures and wind chill are dangerously low in our area of the country, so we are enjoying no school.  (Actually, I'm working on school things anyway, and enjoying taking my time in doing so.)

Oh, and a little Bug is going to be my guest in the late afternoon.  Daddy has an appointment--and Mommy decided to go with him.  That means Nana is on Bug duty.

I'll leave you with a couple of Buggieisms. (We'll just call that my word!)

*When Mommy took down the Christmas tree and decorations, the Bug wailed "Christmas is ruined!"

*On Monday, I had a text from the Bug's daycare to call them when school was out. It seems the Bug had a nightmare during nap time, woke up, burst into tears, and then had a total meltdown.  She had dreamed that Nana was really mad at her. (While that could happen, I guess--it seems unlikely!)  I called her and asked her if I had ever been mad at her.  She said, "Nooo..."  I told her that sometimes we just have crazy dreams! On the way home, she confessed to her momma that she had cried because Nana was mad at her, but it was just a dream.  And so begins the crazy dreams of childhood! (Although I have some pretty crazy dreams as an adult!)

Well, back to work.  (Kind of nice to have uninterrupted time to do it in!)

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Beth said...

We have yet to get back. We had prof. day on Monday and have missed the rest of the week due to snow and extremely low temps! We've already used up 4 of our 5 allotted snow days!I'm all for a break, but this is a bit too much!
Loved the buggism about the tree! :>)