Monday, March 16, 2015

The Mr.'s 60th

Today is the Mr.'s 60th birthday.  We celebrated with the girls and families this weekend. Beautiful weather allowed for bubbles, jumping on the neighbor's trampoline (well, the kids did), and sitting on the front deck.  

Tonight, we'll have some Cherry Cobbler, which is the Mr.'s style of birthday cake. 

He is celebrating the day by working.  I am celebrating the day by doing laundry.  Are we a fun crew or what?! 


Mary said...

Happy Birthday to the Mr.!!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. E! That sounds like our son, who is not a fan of birthday cake. I always made him a giant chocolate chip cookie instead of cake. He especially doesn't like frosting, which I find utterly mind-boggling. I guess that gene missed him, but I don't know how! Enjoy your spring break, even if it does include laundry.