Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Sure Sign

The holidays are almost upon us. How do I know?

*K has forced the girls into Christmas shirts for a Christmas Card photo shoot. I remember those days. I'm sure a good time was had by all--or not.

*I actually baked something this morning. I hate to cook, but I especially hate to bake--unless it is for the holidays. I do the bulk of my cooking in November and December. (Sad, isn't it?!) The Mr. might have looked at me like "I wonder what got into her."

*The grocery list is about to double in size.

*I might be going to see the musical of A Christmas Carol this afternoon.

Oh, and I am really wanting to teach Truman Capote's "A Christmas Memory." I'm figuring out where to put it in the lesson plans after Thanksgiving.

I guess the holidays are beginning early on Easy Street.

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