Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving From Easy Street

Happy Thanksgiving!

These things make my thankful list this year:

*The grandkids always top the list these days. The littlest one now reaches for me. She is so sweet. The Bug still jumps in my arms every time I see her, and E blows me kisses on Face Time conversations. All of the them will be here for this holiday.

*Having the grandkids' parents around is always fun, too.

*Can't forget the Mr. who still makes me coffee and breakfast almost every day.

*I'm grateful that Little Big Brother and family volunteered to have dinner at their house. Clint and the Mr. cook the turkeys, and they will do the rest. The flip side of that is that their two dogs will visit Baxter during our dinner, so that dinner is a little less hectic.
*I'm thankful the dust wasn't any deeper by the time I managed to get around to it today.

*I really should mention how thankful I am that days like Monday of this week don't happen often. Let's important assignment was run off with a missing page, one half of the NYC skyline in my classroom fell (no injuries), my car was side swiped, and the Mr. blew a tire on his way to meet me. Whew!

And now, you can be thankful that you weren't me on Monday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Happy Thanksgiving from Plum Cottage in s.e. FL.