Saturday, August 20, 2016

First Days, Bowling, and Pumpkins

My feet are tired and my voice feels shot. Both are a sure sign that I am back in school. And that is after a day and a half!! We'll talk next weekend after a full week.

Meeting the students in my classes and catching up with teaching friends makes the first days of school a joy.

The English teachers took a selfie for the first day back. Yes, I am not only the oldest in my department, but the oldest on staff this year. *sigh! That being said, sometimes I still feel like a kid so it isn't all bad. (I think my young colleagues keep me young.)
The fire alarm, that wasn't a scheduled alarm, added 15 minutes of additional excitement to the first full day. (A sensor in one area was malfunctioning.) We stood in the parking lot and visited in the shade, waiting for the all clear.

We took tours of my classroom areas: ramps, stage, dressing rooms, and scene shop. All of those areas are exits for my classroom. (Really happy I had just completed that when the fire alarm went off.)

My drama class has 20 highly active and incredibly funny people participating in every activity with enthusiasm. That class will keep me on my toes, I am excited to see what they produce, and I hope I have the energy to keep up with them!

The faculty enjoyed a great evening of bowling last night. I work with a fun group of people! It was a wonderful end to the week.
And the selfie stick got another workout!

Today, the weather outside is pumpkin and tailgate weather. Absolutely beautiful. In fact, I was inspired to pull out the pumpkin decorations. I would buy a big bag of candy corn to commemorate the day, but my blood sugar and weight will thank me for skipping that fall favorite.

Now to find the pumpkin spice coffee creamer...

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