Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Pre-Birthday Partying

The birthday is still several days away, but spring break has felt like one long birthday celebration. A fun one.

Over the weekend, the girls and the Mr. invited the family in for dinner. I was expecting just the normal family gathering when K appeared with decorations, special signs, and amazing cupcakes; the Mr. with catered food from a favorite restaurant; and L with the wine. My brothers and spouses, niece LuLu, and Dad and B joined us for a wonderful dinner. Little Big Brother gave a prayer that made me cry before the meal, and K gave a toast that made me cry after the meal. Dad's card is a keeper for the rest of my life. (Yes, tears there, too.)

All generations got involved in some silly selfie stick moments and group photos. The little kids were hugging on Great Grandpa who seemed to be enjoying the attention. They don't get to see him often enough. A lot of good sports in this group helped make the night special.

This was one of those simple celebrations that was absolutely perfect. K, L, and Mr. know how to throw a great party. Turning 60? So far, it is pretty wonderful!

I'm pretty sure I will be remembering last night for the rest of my life. Perfect.

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