Saturday, November 29, 2008

Birthdays at our House

Today is K's birthday and since it is Thanksgiving Weekend, both girls are still at home. That means we got to continue the birthday tradition started 28 years ago at our house--singing the birthday girl awake with "Happy Birthday." My family always did this when I was a kid. There was no nicer way to begin the day than to have the whole family wake you. My mom always said it was more fun to be the parent than the birthday child for this tradition and she was right. There is nothing like seeing that angelic sleeping face and then the sleepy smile as their big day begins. When they were older, they would have to "pretend" sleep so we could wake them up. These days we usually have to settle for a singing telephone call. Other birthday traditions include presents at breakfast, cake, and a favorite meal or restaurant. My mom always made a big deal out of birthdays... like mother, like daughter I guess!

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A said...

My husband shares a birthday with Kate! :)