Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Town on Nov. 12th

One of the locals went up in his ultra light and took these photos on November 12th. You can see the modulars that now make up our schools, the old high school buildings that need to come down, and the poor Lutheran Church before they tore it down this week. (If you click on the pictures and make them bigger, you can even see the tents that were used for Extreme Home Makeover which started on the 11th.) You can definitely see the path of the tornado, but the new homes going in too.
K likes the first picture with the aura of light that illuminates the path of the tornado from the river to the District Gym and Middle School modulars. That picture was taken looking back at where the tornado came from. The second picture shows the path of the tornado from right by the river toward the high school, exactly from where the tornado started on the edge of town. The third picture is taken from near the old elevator toward the high school. In the bottom picture, my modular is the second one from the right.


A said...

I just cannot believe how empty the town looks from the sky view. Even more, the flat area that Used to be the middle school! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

CMwhyK said...

I didn't realize that the art building was gone. Is Mr. Spratlin still the teacher.

ps i went back and corrected all my grammatical errors since you were my English teacher hehe

Paul kelloway

Collette said...

Yep...the art building was in terrible shape. Mr. Spratlin had retired 2 years ago, but when the tornado hit he came back and salvaged everything he could from the building. He agreed to come back and teach for one year and get the department up and running again. His art department is now in the back of the Ag building.

CMwhyK said...

wow ag and art next to each other thats gotta be different hehe. Thats cool that Mr. Spratlin did that. Do they still do t-works that what got me interested in screen printing and i get to use it as a work reference hehe.

Collette said...

Mr. Spratlin was in Florida when the tornado hit and looked at my pictures on his daughter's facebook account. He knew a lot of the equipment could be salvaged, so they waited until he got back and let him figure out what to resuce. He got all of T-works out and going again! You should see his room now. Black plastic walls!! ha!!